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Interior Decorator FAQ

Why should I hire an interior decorator?

Hiring an interior decorator saves money in the long run by helping homeowners avoid costly and unappealing décor guised as trending investments. By providing my clients with valuable resources, I guarantee the acquirement of quality products. An interior decorator delivers instant access to a number of services like: handpicking and coordinating colors, arranging furniture layouts, purchasing new fixtures or art. These details not only add value to any Clarence property, but transforms them into a truly satisfying space to live and work in.

Creating a beautiful environment is conducive to your well-being and productivity. You'll feel calmer because your home will not only be in order it'll look great too. Beautiful spaces work as a type of therapy. Certain colors, layouts and patterns can even increase work productivity, reduce stress, and help with abnormal sleeping patterns, it can even improve your eating habits.

When is the best time to call an interior decorator?

Usually the best time to contact a decor professional is the moment you decide to buy, sell, or renovate your home.

Settling on the type of style you want for your property is a lot of work and can be confusing for anyone. I can help you make the right choices among a variety of styles. When it comes to trends for home interior décor, I will make sure to update any old and outdated styles. Another good time to consult with an interior decorator would be when a residential property is in need of a minor makeover. An interior decorator is much more cost effective and ensures exceptional results. I really know how to bring a room together, no matter what your style is, I can make it work!

What can I expect during the first visit from a Contemporary Home Staging LLC home stager?

I will visit your home for a complete evaluation. This allows for a clear perspective so I can see our limits in terms of layouts, colors, and decorative items. Measurements and photographs of the specific areas you wish to stage are taken into account with a complete and detailed inventory of each component such as:

  • Furniture
  • Colors
  • Accessories
  • Material
  • Patterns